Rory Haddon

Web UI Engineer

Rory Haddon, Web UI Engineer

Most of my most recent publicly available work is on my Github profile

This site is just a simple dumping ground for some work I have completed in the past. Mainly sand-boxed tools/tests. Some of this work I created to solve problems and save time (i.e. the JSON formatter and the Regular Expression tester). Other items were simple proof of concept work or else a task I set myself to help learn a new technology.


JSON formatter - Tool to format JSON data in a readable way (Requires Web Workers support).

Regular Expression Tester - Browser based RegExp tester which visualises the results of the matches and captures. I produced this as most online regex testers use the Java regex engine, this one uses the browsers RegExp object exposed through JavaScript.

Dublin Bikes Assist - Having a subscription to the Dublin Bikes scheme, I decided to create a mobile friendly and useful site to help find where the free bikes/stands are. (Requires Geolocation, works best on Android/iOS) [URL QR Code]

Dublin Transit - Automatically finds the closest LUAS stop and list the upcoming departures. Also allows you to add Dublin Bus routes and find the nearest stop with times. (Requires Geolocation, works best on Android/iOS) [URL QR Code]

Full LED display <canvas> playground. - play around with all the in-built functions of the above LED display (Requires Canvas support).

WebGL photo wall - Uses WebGL in order to render a wall of photos. Randomly switching photos after interval.

SVG Charts - An example of cross browser charts dynamically created from data. (Requires SVG/VML)

SVG Real-time Chart - Chart using socket connection to Node.js server in order to update in real-time. Update pushed from server to client. (Requires SVG/VML)

Canvas Slideshow - Slideshow of images rendered using the canvas tag.

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All of is HTML5 and delivered over HTTPS and SPDY.